Matt and Deidra - Chapel Dulcinea - Austin, Texas

I got to go to Austin Texas with my friend Lee Anne of Petal and Vine photography to photograph Matt and Deidra’s wedding. Oddly enough I knew Matt from 10 years or so prior, when we both attended the same church and volunteered at a homeless outreach in downtown Orlando.

What a small world!

Matt and Deidra held a ceremony w/ family at a beautiful venue in the rolling hills of Austin, Texas called “Chapel Dulcinea”. Not only is this venue, beautiful, but it is completely FREE. They don’t charge their Bridal parties a dime. So Cool!!

The weather that weekend in Austin was beautiful. The sun was shining and sky was clear. I approached this wedding documentary style, doing my best to not get in the way. The ceremony was quick w/ an exchanging of vows, a symbolic nailing of their sins to the cross, and a kiss to seal the final deal.

Thanks Matt and Deidra for giving us this opportunity! It sure was a change of pace from Orlando!